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More than 4,000 in various product types and configurations are designed for different types of OKM. DITECT offers a wide range of solutions that fit every requirement. By providing the best and innovative detection technology, highest signal-to-noise ratio and the highest sensitivity, DITECT helps OKM customers improve performance and are confident about using their devices and are sure to make the most out of them. VIPARD is a special edition of DITECT OKM software in which 3D viewer features are available. VIPARD-3D is the first visualization software product of its kind and available for OKM or OKM3. Product features Okm-3.0 and okm-3.1 are output data acquisition software that collects the data and logs them to a file, allows the DATABASE to be connected to a PC. okm-3.1 is more accurate and can include full-frequency and background noise detection, and okm-3.2 is more accurate and includes full-frequency noise and image averaging. okm-3.3 is 3D OKM, which allows you to see metal targets that are underground and to check the validity of the detection. The images that it generates are in the form of wireframe and 3D space, which shows the height of the target and the exact direction of the signal. Okm-3.4 is a controller unit that controls the detection and the storage of data by a PC. Okm-3.5 and okm-3.6 are optional software that can send the data to any kind of DATABASE. Okm-3.7 is firmware used to improve the performance and reliability of the okm-3 software. OKM3.0, okm-3.1, okm-3.2, okm-3.3 and okm-3.4 are all digital signal processing technology. OKM3.0 and okm-3.1 are output data acquisition software that collects the data and logs them to a file. OKM3.0 logs the data to a data file and okm-3.1 logs the data to a file automatically, according to the intervals in which the detector is triggered. okm-3.1 includes full-frequency noise detection and image averaging and as the product name indicates, it has a frequency range of 10Hz to 200Hz



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Visualizer 3d Okm Keygen 31 birjust

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