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About me

My task. my philosophy My idea. your success.


My job is you  on the way to success - from personal decisions to the achievement of important milestones. What drives me is my pursuit of excellence and growth. I always go one step further so that my customers are completely satisfied with my work and experience added value.

My philosophy follows  my vision  to always maintain a positive attitude, to build goal-oriented partnerships and to strive for substantial success. In addition, I want to support people and companies that are also made up of people  to get to the next level and achieve real success. I see myself as a companion, source of inspiration and partner. But why do I see myself like this? Within the last decades I worked in the logistics industry and  have been able to gain experience in different positions for a long time  in the area of sales. I have a lot of points in my time at that time  noticed that prompted me a lot  questioning. Above all "How can you  become more successful and what  is it necessary?" "Are tools and methods sufficient to grow or are there more?" Among many other questions grew  Answers and they turned into an idea. and  exactly with this one  idea and the resultant  Training approach paired with expertise and personal experience will serve you and your company and provide added value that should have a positive effect. Not in the entrepreneurial profit, but with every employee. The core areas  Sales and logistics are my absolute hobbies and subjects close to my heart, but I see the company, its corporate culture and the people as a supporting unit.

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